My Nauseating Rendition of Graffiti

I definitely improved over time as you'll notice in the slideshow, but damn, perusing these old photos helps me understand the vigilant opposition to graffiti. I was both unskilled, derivative, and lacking in the merits that matter: little technique, stylistically derivative, lacking innovation. I improved slightly over the single year I was heavily involved with … Continue reading My Nauseating Rendition of Graffiti

Street Artist Profile: Rosé

Profile of prolific street artist and illustrator Rosé

A Pretentious Theory of Art and the Artists Whom Create It

I have never met nor had I ever heard about an about any 50-year-old writers, painters, or more generally, artists who had achieved any modicum of success, at least enough to make a living off of. That's not really rare because truly great artists are incredibly scarce enough; I'd estimate less than a 100,000 people can … Continue reading A Pretentious Theory of Art and the Artists Whom Create It


I was fascinated with the concept of Bitcoin ever since I heard of it: during the infamous takedown of the original Silk Road and its founder, Dread Pirate Roberts (whose legal woes surpass any standard of civility...e.g. he was denied legal representation. Ross Ulbrict was convicted following barbaric judicial procedures, ones that medieval courts would probably find … Continue reading Cryptocurrency

Future Zine?

if i were to publish the zine i'm always talking about, here's some the art that would be featured. Featuring Alex and Omar, of NYPD infamy:   o The latter two, tho: fuego.  

Holy Fucks

Two prettycute girls complimented me as I walked by them on the sidewalk today so I turned around and instantly tried to wheel em..5 minutes later, in my sleep deprived state, I invite upstairs to my place, tryna to make it clear this isn't a tea&crumpets luncheon. The cute one interjects: "what's your name again? … Continue reading Holy Fucks


Only took me 6.75 years and C's and D's suddenly appeared on my respectable, but certainly not without a couple eyebrow-raisers, transcript. My school records caught an STD, yet to diagnose which one exactly is a tad premature. The end of an era...Eric's getting married and moved to Ohio, Andy to Oklahoma City, Joe in … Continue reading Graduation

Overheard At NYPD After Skeeps…

Bro 1: Yeah, so right after we got done fucking, she tells me that she "had" chlamydia, and it's like now you tell me?! So I went to the doctor a few weeks later to get checked out and sure as shit, I had the clap. My first STD... Bro 2: Fuck man, only once? … Continue reading Overheard At NYPD After Skeeps…

Pizza is the Key To Opening A Girl’s Heart (and Her Legs)

Apparently so is rudely asking why pretty girls are on Tinder: Guys, use these "lines" sparingly or you will oversaturate the market, and consequently, ruin a favorite pastime of mine. ***Bonus Insight: Texting is almost like a video game; it's a great way to waste time and have fun. However, as I've discussed with Eric … Continue reading Pizza is the Key To Opening A Girl’s Heart (and Her Legs)

My Studio Room Where No Plays Nice

im getting tired of walking into a room of chewed up nicotine gum, empty klonipin bottles, a week old used condom, a ratty towel starched with seismic loads, and empty beer cans. Life’s surprises are erratic (or have been so far) and I dunnno even know why i wanna share with all of yall. i … Continue reading My Studio Room Where No Plays Nice