Derp derp.

"You ever been so high you had to switch your breathing from automatic to manual?" he asks me. I'm choking on smoke and spit, choking a lung out.

A Pretentious Theory of Art and the Artists Whom Create It

I have never met nor had I ever heard about an about any 50-year-old writers, painters, or more generally, artists who had achieved any modicum of success, at least enough to make a living off of. That's not really rare because truly great artists are incredibly scarce enough; I'd estimate less than a 100,000 people can … Continue reading A Pretentious Theory of Art and the Artists Whom Create It


I was fascinated with the concept of Bitcoin ever since I heard of it: during the infamous takedown of the original Silk Road and its founder, Dread Pirate Roberts (whose legal woes surpass any standard of civility...e.g. he was denied legal representation. Ross Ulbrict was convicted following barbaric judicial procedures, ones that medieval courts would probably find … Continue reading Cryptocurrency

Future Zine?

if i were to publish the zine i'm always talking about, here's some the art that would be featured. Featuring Alex and Omar, of NYPD infamy:   o The latter two, tho: fuego.  

Holy Fucks

Two prettycute girls complimented me as I walked by them on the sidewalk today so I turned around and instantly tried to wheel em..5 minutes later, in my sleep deprived state, I invite upstairs to my place, tryna to make it clear this isn't a tea&crumpets luncheon. The cute one interjects: "what's your name again? … Continue reading Holy Fucks


Only took me 6.75 years and C's and D's suddenly appeared on my respectable, but certainly not without a couple eyebrow-raisers, transcript. My school records caught an STD, yet to diagnose which one exactly is a tad premature. The end of an era...Eric's getting married and moved to Ohio, Andy to Oklahoma City, Joe in … Continue reading Graduation

Balling on a Budget

For the past 50 years it's been just as ubiquitous lament among college students as "I need to get laid more"; yes, we students are usually broke by the end of the weekend. There's simply not enough time in the week to earn a substantial paycheck and go to school full-time. Trust me, I've tried..twice. … Continue reading Balling on a Budget

Human Code-Speak

“Reality is too much for humankind to bear” -T.S. Eliot The most intriguing part about how people express themselves is what they do NOT say rather than the actual content of their words. Here are four examples that we’ve both heard over the past 24 hours underscoring my point: 1.) Guy said, “I’m on Tinder” … Continue reading Human Code-Speak

Snow Daze 2/4

(This is an hyperbolic account of a personal story of mine from two years ago. This is a judge-free zone, right?!) Clearly, that obstacle was hurdled long ago. Anyways, fortune favors the bold, so they say, and most guys I knew we were too pussified to cross into that rarefied air of uninhibited sexual conversation with … Continue reading Snow Daze 2/4