Stuck-Up Cunt Cage Match: Helen Keller vs. Anne Frank

Nature hated one, fate the other, and God hated them equally. Which bitch was worse?

The Fundamental Premise

There are no gods or God, nor any intrinsic moral value to thought, word, or action; no psychic nor physical bliss or torment after death;  no right or wrong (as in the public consciousness) but only truths and falsehoods (resonances of eternity). There was one Big Truth which we will never fully understand because we … Continue reading The Fundamental Premise

Mel Gibson Is The Most Entertaining Entertainer

  Forreally though, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, Max Max, Apocalypto? Passion of the Christ?! Dude was a beast, and his whole career was completely derailed by a drunken rant against Jews. Which, yeah, Holocaust and all, but as a white guy of general European descent, blaming Jews for all the world's problems makes you come off like a … Continue reading Mel Gibson Is The Most Entertaining Entertainer


(^^^Either his uncle had "boundary issues" while dealing with young Lizard Man, or he must've been really pissed off at his old man. His entire body screams, "Fuck you, Dad!!!") Any time any one thing becomes super hip or fashionable to do/say/think in popular culture, I tend to get suspicious of that trend, because let’s … Continue reading FUCK TATTOOS