Stuck in The Middle with Me 2/2

“...appears out of nowhere, just drags me through the wringer one more time.  I was hooked--not on any one high--but on the whole process, and each time I swore it was the last.

Stuck in the Middle with Me 1/2

I sat up abruptly. “Plus, I’ve to finish this screenplay.”
“I thought you were writing an erotic novel?” 
“Well, no, I’m just living one.”
“Either way, put it off.

Snow Days Part 4/4

(The names in this story have been changed to protect their anonymity. The events depicted below took place during the zenith of my debauchery in my 20-something life.) We take turns doing lines in the bathroom, and then I pour a little bit some saline spray- the stuff for your nose. Dopamine fueling our bodies … Continue reading Snow Days Part 4/4

Overheard At NYPD After Skeeps…

Bro 1: Yeah, so right after we got done fucking, she tells me that she "had" chlamydia, and it's like now you tell me?! So I went to the doctor a few weeks later to get checked out and sure as shit, I had the clap. My first STD... Bro 2: Fuck man, only once? … Continue reading Overheard At NYPD After Skeeps…

Snow Daze 1/4

(This is an hyperbolic account of a personal story of mine from two years ago. This is a judge-free zone, right?!) Winter in Ann Arbor: I was eating Vicodins like a fat kid chowing down Skittles. I was trying to kick pills at the time but to no avail. Eric and I went to the Old … Continue reading Snow Daze 1/4