Getting Older

Lately, I've been doing things I used to think were gay, like cleaning my room or painting with watercolors.

David Choe

It must have been around March 2012. I just dropped out of school (mostly), and I'm doing community service for probation. We were sweeping and mopping the floors of Eastern Michigan's basketball stadium, and I surreptitiously put in one of my earbuds and put on a podcast to make the time pass. I had only … Continue reading David Choe

My Nauseating Rendition of Graffiti

I definitely improved over time as you'll notice in the slideshow, but damn, perusing these old photos helps me understand the vigilant opposition to graffiti. I was both unskilled, derivative, and lacking in the merits that matter: little technique, stylistically derivative, lacking innovation. I improved slightly over the single year I was heavily involved with … Continue reading My Nauseating Rendition of Graffiti

Street Artist Profile: Rosé

Profile of prolific street artist and illustrator Rosé

Graffiti Update

Here's a few more of the most well-known street artists/graffiti shitlipped-vandals over the city. What interests me about these guys is that although all we may see right now is their etchings on the mosaic of the cityscape, at one point time, a particular person stood right in of each these walls, and took a … Continue reading Graffiti Update