Blasé Days (Morning Reflections)

Last night I learned some peeps will not see WHOSE reality they’re stepping into. Or it could be one short, loudmouth. Anyone really…okay let’s say it was a short loudmouth. When you bring nothing but ugly energy to the place even people who recognize don’t wanna be associated with you. This is a losing mentality. And will continue to bring forth idiots who can’t differentiate between an overly amicable peace offering or a very swift, brutally cruel and public ridicule.

Anyways, the universe has a sense a humor if you recognize and if you don’t, you’re probably the butt of the joke. that’s for sure. I live the dumbest, most interesting, endlessly funny, and novel life.

You need to live and read. Sin like it’s going out of style and then pray like hell.

Shit we should all look at ourselves in the mirror and admit anything, because that’s you. You can like it or not; it’s really up to you.

Psychology is the last part of people we’ve yet to heal; polio and any “germ”-related (fuck I don’t feel like looking it up).

Sooo cups, pizza boxes, a few ashtrays, a cigarette put out in the carpet (nice passive-aggressive move/drunk bitch move whoever you are).

I’m wondering if I should clean up, jerk off, get a coffee, or go for a walk.

Know the difference between satisfaction and happiness; it’s like the difference between hunger and thirst.

You always end up where you wanted to be at that moment. Just fight the demons in your past or chase the golden mirages over the horizon…because whether or not if it ends fine and dandy, the JOURNEY was the whole point.

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