Tips for Having a Conversation In Real Life

Apparently, talking to the person next to you was considered the fucking shit. It was all the rage you know.

You could even smell the guy you were talking to. Or having limited choices when it came to smashing.

Goddam shit jus got too real right there. He’ll on earth for sure.

(Okay we’re not there yet. Honestly, the Brave New Worldish dystopia isn’t incredibly awful, but rather, portrays humanity sacrificing creative ingenuity for endless pleasure and comfort. Shit, some days Im not quit enjoying myself, nor the people I pass strolling through downtown, and the sky is melancholy manifested.)

So, I’ve noticed people and especially 18-29 year olds focus a majority of their attention on that little screen. It’s awesome in a way; you can call, text, look up old friends, find any book for free, listen to cutting-edge podcast, and even attend the top universities remotely. The underside of the internet (on the titillating markets of Tor listings for every drug, guns, hitmen, and I’ve never dared to search the posts tagged miscellaneous.

But everyone feels disconnected and lonelier than any generation before than ever. And then there’s falling death rate of adult males for the first time ever recorded in history; social atomization has spurred the opioid epidemic.

Opioids are heaven and hell at once but for humanity has largely formed the natural social relations between family, neighbors, religion, and community groups. These institutions have largely eroded, and a quickening pace. Lacking these social connections has compelled an very alarming percentage of our population to opt of life, devoid of meaning in their minds.

Anyways, talking to another person is a fun way to spend time. Also, lol plus, if you stress the very real, heady, earthly, and exhilarating experience of communicating to a human with your face and mouth.

Shits revolutionary. Anyways, here’s the cheat code to have a (good, interesting) conversation.

1, Who was it said that dumb people talk about other people, smart ones about things, and brilliant ones talk about ideas.

That sounds right, but don’t be intimidated. For example, hypotethical situations and thought experiments fall under this category, and are an easy way to learn about someone.

here’s two for you:

“Would you rather be poor as fuck or wealthy as hell (Forbes list) but you’re addicted to fucking homeless men? You do give the bum the change in your wallet each meeting, though”

“Would you rather be retarded or possess a microbe is and a super genius?

Boom. Girls swoon over these sort of questions that tug at our heartstrings.

2. Gossiping is fun. But it gets hold. Everyone always return to the sa,e few people. Their boss. Their significant other. The new dude who banged her in the bathroom.

While most lack the courage to address the subject of the shit-talking, This behavior bores me as well as makes me think less of the shittalker, if it continues and repeats endlessly.

So don’t be a pussy; if you’ve got something to say about someone, meet them in person, directly stare into their eyes intently, and roast the fuck out of em. Don’t pay attention to anyone else’s reaction besides your target.

Depending on their reaction, this is an easy test to learn if someone is bitch-made or has got the right stuff.

3, Confident Posture, Make Eye Contact, and Project Your Voice: If you’re compelled to participate, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone listens and acknowledges you in their response.

4. Ask them fun, absurd questions: who abruptly asks” deep” or “intimate” questions are usually impatiently waiting for you to shut up, so they can tell you their one-up man shit story, start casual but avoid; “what do you do?”, horoscopes, dreams-their past lives, etc.

5. Put your phone away. That’s an idealized version of others reality, which, if you were there, was a major bummer to.

6. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Obviously, hold yourself to a standard of behavior consonant with your vision of your best self. Even you are one of the worst version of yourself at the present moment.

Fuck it, you brazen motherfucker- assert your presence by loudly fart near them (1st hangout if another dude; 2nd-4th if a girl/ woman)

When all you think of is success and charisma and charm and humor, your brain will literally dwell on those features and challenges your brain to new experiences and find anxiety to become an electrifying creative force, rather than a life- draining one.

7. Don’t talk about your parents: hey you fucking basement dwellers, everyone’s mom is awesome. And yea, dad sucks. Let’s work out these psychological issues physically đŸ˜‰

8. Don’t talk about horoscope signs: I dgaf if our signs are compatible, I reflexively hate you….well, unless your sign is telling you to fuck me because our signs align.

And since we are simply of reflections of one another, subconsciously others will adopt this way of thinking, because these emanations are comprised of perfection and inner pease and responsibly, not hate, anger, frustration, and most commonly, fear.

Lol, but we all generally think alike ( as far the conversation flow is constructed, following a predictable pattern). Don’t hung up on what you’re talking about (within reasonable boundaries, contextually-conscious), jus keep talking and keep them talking (only applicable if you’re trying to fuck the other person).

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