The Sultry “Stuck in the Middle with Me”Postscript

(The names of characters in this story are all pseudonyms because this story could probably ruin some lives. I will never confirm who they are, so don’t try playing Clue with smartasses of the blogosphere.)


I hopped in the back seat with Spencer, and told McInnes to hand my backpack. I starting kissing her, and she reciprocated, equally zealous. I pulled back, purposefully tending to the joint. So, Spencer and McInnes started kissing. At least he’s a man of his word, I thought.

I pulled out my dick; she went down me; and McInnes went down on her. She transformed into the Chinese finger trap between our cocks.

We were in a clown car of threesome in the backseat of his car, and there wasn’t much room to move around. I could only give mini-pumps while McInnes stood outside with car door open. We were a half block away from Main Street.

McInnes finished pretty quickly (okay like 10 pumps max) but me and her kept smashing without missing a beat. He buckled up his pants and seatbelt among other things drove to her house; she gave her him his address in between moans (she was riding me by this time) and gasps as we continued in the backseat. I fuxked her until we parked in front of her parents house. I refrained from exchanging numbers but his dumbass wasn’t as keen. We dropped her off, and they exchanged numbers. Dumbass.

We didn’t much talk about what had just transpired on the way back; in fact, we were two mobsters that had clinked shovels when we were burying a dead body–it was just a dirty part of a job that needed to be done.

“I can’t have anyone find out about this, man,” he pleaded.

“Of course, man.”

“Seriously, because if Kelly finds out about this, I’ll be so fucked.”

“Kristin?!…Kristin who?!”

“Kristin Sadowski. Yeah, that’s my fiance. I thought you knew her, she used to work at that bar we met at last night.

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