Maxims From the Beginning of Millennium #2

1. Once you go black, you never go back. If you’ve got white, you’re doing something right.

2.) facts don’t matter; feelings ultimately have the final say (and have always but emotional paroxysms were tempered by ancient institutions and mores).

3.) don’t tell people who you are until they either ask you-and you trust them- or you must tell them. Otherwise, you are just a blank slate contextualized by your environment and presentation. Ultimately you are perceived as a moment, then a few more moments, then stretches of time, (absence, of course), and then returning and repeating the process. Wise, worldly, and experienced can decipher this behavior for what it is; the one who acts as such hides from others and paradoxically wants nothing more than to be understood, or at least acknowledged.

The best scenario is when you and another reach an impasse in a new relationship because either one, or more probably? Both refrain from slowly…seductively…revealing their multifaceted selves, one of which contains the counterpoint of the other’s essence.

4.) To be willing to let go of anyone and everything, even what you love the most (YOU!), releases you from proprieties-aka real social constructs– and leaves your miserable self to pursue anything without abandon.

5.) Counterintuitively, the less you covet something–which surpasses mere want or even desire– the probably of you receiving it increases. Now, if you can eliminate desire and want, for nonessential things necessary to continue living-

-you get a girl when you don’t want one.

-if money is not your ultimate goal, money will find you (this is for those weirdo creative types).

-the less you think expensive clothes, colognes, furniture, or house (not that you do not value these items and most likely want them for yourself), you’ll end up with designer clothes and belts. Shit I’ wearing a a couple hundred $$$ Burberry belt right now; I still I have no idea how I got it. Max, maybe? Might’ve just casually tossed it me. Nevertheless, I don’t even like the thing; however, the thing serves as a nice contrast to my Sears brand Die Hard Boots and American Apparel shirt.

4.) Tangy Truths To Enjoy as the Pretty Lies Perish

-Internet porn, masturbation, and video games perform the same function as war did in the past, albeit with much less physical carnage: eliminate the weakest of the males and then some.

-Women are unaware of these men, which will soon account for almost half of all dudes. This is through no fault of their own. At this point of technological advancement, that’s…hmm…actually a good thing. Fuck, we all gotta get our shit together and decides who should reproduce, who shouldn’t, and who should seed over half the field. The converse of this: the mid- to late 30s angry single woman (5-6 abortions in her stat column), a career girl if you may that despises her job even though she’s definitely competent at it, she feels unfulfilled. After work she usually grabs a few bottles of wine, play/talk to her cats, and kindle the bitterness within her as she approaches certifiable spinsterhood status.

-feminists are the easiest women to fuck as long as you remain the unflappable chauvinist that’s burns within you

-drugs are fun; drugs are cool; drugs also kill. Let’s legalize ’em. Separate the wheat from the chaff.

-you cannot choose who you truly are. Sometimes you won’t even like that person, but the secret to a life worth living is to embody all aspects of yourself, the good, the, and the ugly….oh, don’t forget the beauty there, too, because that’s what will keep you moving forward when things turn bleak af.

-give without counting the cost; that way, you’ll feel what it’s like to receive as well as give at once and it’s kaleidoscopic in the sublime and pretty.

-Don’t fear death. You will die; you also don’t know when you’ll die. So fuck it, live as you want to ( KNOWING EVERYONE DIES) and live your life accordingly.

5.) cmon we all know, despite our ego pounding against our chest to virtue-signal by aiding with the trannies, there’s really only two genders /sexes. If you’re intelligent and honestly do an examination of conscious, everything from your own piece between your legs, dragging ass through your gut and shooting up into your brain, you can only say but, cmon some of you trannies our here look like John Goodman with a wig on. HOW THE FUCK CAN I TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY?!!? Fuck bro, you’re worse of both worlds: malodorous, ugly, loquacious (never-shutting-the-fuck-up syndrome), picky, and ridiculous in both your presentation and your speech, ya faggoty ann bitch. You may giggle like a girl, but until you chop that cock, will I refer to you as a woman, no questions asked, zilch.

Shit, I imagine adult circumcision horrifying, and you’re jus changing your religion to Judaism or Pussy. Either way, if someone really wants to be woman and just slices off their meet to prove it, goddam. I’m sorry if it was your parents or some Old Testament god or karma that drove you to that point but I understand.

6.) Steve-o and J had to persuade our friend that the negatives of krill far outweigh the “soo high you’re on the moon” buzz. Without fail, your self-respect plummets and with it, hygiene, cleanliness, sociability, and other mundane yet necessary tasks are forgotten; most importantly, it’s the ultimate anti-poon. You can hear vaginas dry up like it was water swirling down a drain.

Our friend felt guilty that he wanted more, so we assured him that’s totally natural and also why it’s fucking dangerous.

Finally, Steve-o yells,” Here’s the big secret Mikey. EVERYONE LOVES CRACK!!! FUCKIN DEALERS ARE SCARED TO DEATH!!…of fucking crack. People throw their lives away to collect enough cans and return them for the deposit.”

“They do this 3FUCKING DAYS AT A TIME FOR ONE ROCK MIKEY!!! It’s Russian Roulette big guy.”

We later had to teach him a harsher lesson but it worked beautifully.

7.) you can never fix someone else’s problems; you can only point them out to them. It’s up to that person to accept or reject your advice. I can carry the world on my shoulders for maybe 15 minutes (also known as the limelight), and then I gotta rest. Remember, only Atlas was punished with carrying the world on his shoulders.

And finally, before we delve into the blame game, the better you become, the more improvements you make, those positive developments outward, slowly at first and then it’s a tsunami-you’ll see the whole world follow your lead.

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