Mel Gibson Is The Most Entertaining Entertainer


Forreally though, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, Max Max, Apocalypto? Passion of the Christ?! Dude was a beast, and his whole career was completely derailed by a drunken rant against Jews. Which, yeah, Holocaust and all, but as a white guy of general European descent, blaming Jews for all the world’s problems makes you come off like a medieval jackass, but you still should be able to make jokes about everything. You should.

Andre always refers to feeling really fucked up as “being Aushwitzed.” When you’re with a large group of unattractive girls, it’s a boner Holocaust. No one’s thinking about killing Jews.

But Mel Gibson gets pulled over and has the balls of steel to say “What’s up sugartits?” to the arresting officer. LOLZ.

Still, Mel Gibson’s saga of a public meltdown was even funnier when the phone recordings of him cussing out his wife. Sure, it was pretty brutal(ly hilarious), but fuck, I feel him on some levels; sometime a bitch makes a man feel some type of way.

He calls her out for lying about her apparently brand new fake titties, because they’re too “big big and stupid!!!!”


And around the 2:00minute mark may be the most honest words a man’s ever conveyed to a woman he’s banging and still wants to still fuck.

I just want you to smile and blow me!!!!! Because I deserve it!!!” Bruh, lmaoooo. “Why don’t you go fuck the jacuzzi!?! You have no fucking soul!” That was the quirkiest public meltdown in the history of celebrity, and it’s so out there how can you not secretly love it?

I’m obviously not endorisng the no-soul shit but in today’s ultra politically-correct world, there’s something refreshingly hilarious about someone so ruthless and just skull-fucking the elites’ idea of propriety.


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