Comics You Should Read #9 Part 1: Galactic Breakdown Series (5 Volumes)

Fuck superhero comics. They were written by celibate dorks for pencil-necked geeks who were relentlessly bullied at school and envisioned themselves in the bodies. Real comics are an art form; think of R. Crumb or Peter Bagge. Not only are their illustrations incredibly stylized and unique, they depict actual humans replete with both ugly flaws and attractive characteristics in a relatable world. However, Keenan Michael Keller’s Galactic Breakdown series harbors no lofty pretense about itself; instead, the main character Roids’ revels in his parodic representation of a superhero. Anyone that has truly traversed through the imore debauched corners of the party scene can relate to his so-called “superpower”:


Once intoxicated, Roids gains superhuman strength, agility, and stamina (obviously,  he also possesses a sexual prowess far surpassing the average male). Just as any man who has fucked on cocaine and viagra can attest to, finishing last in a three-female foursome is now within the realm of the possible:



The story arc follows Roids’ and his drug-induced escapades across the galaxy, following the orders of Commander Now of the spaceship “The Undeniable”. His role fulfills that of Obi-Wan Kenobi, both advising Roids as he gains new, even stronger abilities (aka he takes more drugs) and informing him of the perils that threaten the universe, who are mostly embodied by the Frenchman Spaceman Hitler. His first encounter with his sword-wielding nemesis only ends in Roids’ favor because of his foresight to pack himself a potent party-pack just in case the need arose:

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Roids’ parodic superhero channels the inner party animal within all of us, even though he’s high as shit most of the time, only making his self-aggrandizing quips even more ridiculous. As much as one would believe these gimmicks to wear thin, the jokes only land harder and the storytelling improves as the series progresses, very much following the path of the hero as laid out by Joseph Campbell in his seminal work, The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Without giving away too much, Roids must overcome an external enemy in each volume, and each trial and tribulation push Roids to his limits–and ups his drug intake. The ending is as hilarious and surprising as you’d expect–i.e. you didn’t expect it.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll ever read this series, which ranks up there with any of the works of the legendary Johnny Ryan (whose rendition of Roids is featured in the back of one of the earlier issues and whose blurb graces the back cover).



Unfortunately, you’ll have a difficult time having the pleasure of reading this seminal comic book. Last time I checked, there was only was only one issue of Volume 2 available for sale on Amazon, selling for upwards of $100. And I’ve scoured the internet in order to buy extra copies, only to come to Sold-Out pages. So, Keenan Michael Keller, if you’re reading this, email me at so I can buy your shit.
Update: Volumes 3 and 4 are available here and here.

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