David Choe

It must have been around March 2012. I just dropped out of school (mostly), and I’m doing community service for probation. We were sweeping and mopping the floors of Eastern Michigan’s basketball stadium, and I surreptitiously put in one of my earbuds and put on a podcast to make the time pass. I had only heard of Choe in the periphery of my then-obsessions;: Gavin Mcinnes, early Vice, Jim Goad…So I’m downloading the first few episode of DVDASA, which was Choe’s podcast with Asa Akira and this random comic with a heavy Asian accent, Yoshi kadjfakjdbaf(ok it was like Yamagotchi).  Anyways, I just remember to Choe recalling Yoshi bombing onstage (when describing his dad, who committed suicide under suspicious circumstances, was hanging from the ceilings when Yoshi found him, and he looked “blacker than a nigger” in the heaviest Korean accent; this was quickly followed up with the dirtiest game of “would you rather?” I’ve ever heard; and then finally, Yoshi giving an in-depth account of working in the porn industry editing tranny videos. I was transfixed.

Fast forward a year and a half and I’m working the midnight shift at 7/11. By this time, listening to DVDASA was ritualistic. it was the Blueprint episode, where Choe delivers a solo rant as he has locked himself away in the mountains of California to create some new art. Long story short, that episode inspired to bust my ass that summer, making over six grand and paying off my outstanding Sallie Mae loans that prevented me from returning to school. Glad I did; I never paid for university again, and my tuition was from then on was covered by grants and scholarships.

But I just got a copy of Choe’s Bruised Fruit, which is sooo mucch more interesting than Snowman Monkey BBQ, because you can clearly trace his stylistic evolution as he does a rendition of all the major contemporary artistic styles (e.g. Warhol). Check it fagz:

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