Overheard At NYPD After Skeeps…

Bro 1: Yeah, so right after we got done fucking, she tells me that she “had” chlamydia, and it’s like now you tell me?! So I went to the doctor a few weeks later to get checked out and sure as shit, I had the clap. My first STD…

Bro 2: Fuck man, only once? I’ve gotten chlamydia 4 times, you pussy.

Damn 2016 has thrown us all some curveballs in the 20-something dating scenes. Ass eating is in, and muff munchin’ seems to be going out of style. Hell, according to my completely scientific data (basically, the collective experiences of  friends and myself), not many girls insist that you use a condom; in fact, they frequently are annoyed by and protest against rubbers.

STDs don’t freak people out now that most are curable and even AIDs isn’t the death sentence it used to be (and as a straight white dude whose never had the inclination to become an intravenous drug-user, the chance of me getting AIDS is nil, statistically speaking). 

So, damn, I don’t know if this is grimey or what, but I sort of agree with the sentiment behind Bro #2’s blasé attitude towards VD’s.

Update: Right again…

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