Snap Vidz Summer ’16

My roommate enjoyed, err, smoking the savage cabbage and liked to collect old wrappers like they were Pokemon cards. Kind of a savage move, even if he is a nerd at times.

These girls crashed at my place for the first few days of summer when I still had the house to my self. That may sound awesome but they’re bonafide crazy. At least the drove me everywhere…
aww I’m sort of missing them. Maybe I should shoot ’em a text?

Me ranting. Proof positive of my sociopathic tendencies, right?

Travis, my gay roommate over the summer, is attempting to lay down knowledge on Sarah (hell, who knows? He may very well be because she’s so young). They clearly both wanna fuck me as evidenced in this video.

Wise-ass Jew Max blessed with the rolly-fingers, and ardent Trump support, showcases his moves in the middle of the road, so that as many people as possible can bear witness to the greatness.

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