Human Code-Speak

“Reality is too much for humankind to bear”

-T.S. Eliot

The most intriguing part about how people express themselves is what they do NOT say rather than the actual content of their words.

Here are four examples that we’ve both heard over the past 24 hours underscoring my point:

1.) Guy said, “I’m on Tinder”

Translation: “I’m afraid to talk to girls..well maybe when I’m shit-faced.”

2.) Girl claims, “Rape culture is pervasive and . Yes, I’m definitely a feminist.”

Translation: “I NEED A BOYFRIEND…one that actually FUCKS me”

3.) Minority states matter-of-factly, “Institutional racism is invisible while simultaneously perpetuating white privilege. Racism is now even more ubiquitous because of its covert form.”

Translation: “I will NOT take responsibility for my actions; my failures in most areas of life are not my fault but society’s. I know that my incompetence is my Jungian shadow which is why I call it ‘invisible racism’.”

4.) “alcoholism is a disease”

Translation: “I felt like shit, so instead of confronting life’s problems and judging my reaction to them, my cowardice compelled me to numb myself with booze. I know for a fact there have been times where I’ve had no problem drinking one beer and calling it quits. This assuaged my ego at first, but now I realize it was a lie I was told by others to not feel so bad during my first few months of abstinence from mind-altering substances.”

If you listened to the podcast Brenzo appeared adage eat on, he has mentions this, albeit in poetic form. There are no things without empty space and there are no words without silence. So, the real question is, which is more important? Or are they like the foreground and background of a painting? That is, they are one and the same, one canvas, a piece of art moving through time in which the time is always RIGHT NOW.

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