Graffiti Update

Here’s a few more of the most well-known street artists/graffiti shitlipped-vandals over the city. What interests me about these guys is that although all we may see right now is their etchings on the mosaic of the cityscape, at one point time, a particular person stood right in of each these walls, and took a crack at art, notoriety, and, if they hit the graffiti goldmine, fame and money.

LSD, an example of the “hand style” technique which just involves with a FAT chiseled marker. This guy is all over the friggin place (check the previous posts to see if you can find him anymore.

“Reptar”-perhaps the most recognizable artist in Ann Arbor. he may have hit every alleyway, doorway, and dumpster in 3-mile wide radius.

REA and his cartoonish buffoon face are marked all over, even in the unlikeliest places.

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