Graffiti of Ann Arbor

For my first few years here at the university, I mostly ignored the graffiti around me. I thought it was juvenile and, at worst, vandalism. However, I started paying attention to the art all around me.

Partly, this was because I discovered that a group of friends had been doing this stuff for years (no, I won’t say which one of these are them). Additionally, I realized how friggin’ crazy these guys are to reach some of these spots.

Check out the photos below with some paid tour-guide level commentary.

The famous “graffiti alley” on Liberty. What kind of fucking nutters climb up a drainage pipe and still manage to write their moniker with a free hand?

This was from a Shepherd Fairey (founder of Obey, also did the Obama “Hope” poster) piece that was installed about 10-15 stories on the side of a building downtown. It’s currently hanging in my friend’s living room. I’ll say this is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; he claims a million.

Graffiti alley again. Technically, it’s illegal to spray paint here, so it’s best to do it at night, but even if you get caught, you won’t face charges as you would from painting anywhere else.

Under a bridge outside of town.

This is one of the most prolific groups in Michigan. That’s another part of the graffiti scene- there’s a community aspect of it. Sometimes these are just gangs who will jump you for painting over their tags, and sometimes they are just a group of friends looking for a rush.

Church St. parking lot

By the train tracks on the west side of town.

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