The Worthless (uyet Time-Consuming) Ruminations of a Pseudo-Genius

--I just ate a pint of gelato on the shitter and now an internal struggle rages on in my innermost soul. Either I have an uncanny ability to combine disparate pleasures that bring me to tears of either joy, OR I'm apparently having an existential crisis of such epic proportions I cannot fathom of an … Continue reading The Worthless (uyet Time-Consuming) Ruminations of a Pseudo-Genius

The Fundamental Premise

There are no gods or God, nor any intrinsic moral value to thought, word, or action; no psychic nor physical bliss or torment after death;  no right or wrong (as in the public consciousness) but only truths and falsehoods (resonances of eternity). There was one Big Truth which we will never fully understand because we … Continue reading The Fundamental Premise


My Korean homie TJusKeef has some fuckin balls on 'em(even if he is always scrounging for the last bit of weed like a crackhead digging around the carpet.) This encapsulates the spirit of graffiti; Fuck You. When your landlords are dickheads how else are you supposed to respond? Anyways here's some more of his dope … Continue reading JusKeef

Mel Gibson Is The Most Entertaining Entertainer

  Forreally though, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, Max Max, Apocalypto? Passion of the Christ?! Dude was a beast, and his whole career was completely derailed by a drunken rant against Jews. Which, yeah, Holocaust and all, but as a white guy of general European descent, blaming Jews for all the world's problems makes you come off like a … Continue reading Mel Gibson Is The Most Entertaining Entertainer

Snow Days Part 4/4

(The names in this story have been changed to protect their anonymity. The events depicted below took place during the zenith of my debauchery in my 20-something life.) We take turns doing lines in the bathroom, and then I pour a little bit some saline spray- the stuff for your nose. Dopamine fueling our bodies … Continue reading Snow Days Part 4/4

Feminist Bitch Artist Profile: JuleZ

She talks down to you like you're dumb. Sometimes I believe her.

Comics You Should Read #9 Part 1: Galactic Breakdown Series (5 Volumes)

Fuck superhero comics. They were written by celibate dorks for pencil-necked geeks who were relentlessly bullied at school and envisioned themselves in the bodies. Real comics are an art form; think of R. Crumb or Peter Bagge. Not only are their illustrations incredibly stylized and unique, they depict actual humans replete with both ugly flaws … Continue reading Comics You Should Read #9 Part 1: Galactic Breakdown Series (5 Volumes)

One You Probably Miss As You Walk By

The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and so long as men die, LIBERTY WILL NEVER PERISH Seen at Thompson and E. Liberty

David Choe

It must have been around March 2012. I just dropped out of school (mostly), and I'm doing community service for probation. We were sweeping and mopping the floors of Eastern Michigan's basketball stadium, and I surreptitiously put in one of my earbuds and put on a podcast to make the time pass. I had only … Continue reading David Choe

June parties

May flies by the fastest of any month according to anyone's perceptions. It's just science, dumbass. Anyways this is what's been going on (featuring the cover girl from my ill-fated instagram @Slampsslammingpizza):​   ​ ​   ​